Re-Cap of Intro To Hand Sewing: Art of Mending

I spent the morning going through my piles of scrap fabric ironing & cutting up fabric scraps in preparation for teaching The Art of Mending this afternoon at St. John's Living Well. I was honored to be joined by a group of creative and eager students with a strong re-use ethic who were no strangers to busy hands.

It was so inspiring to see all the different designs and color ways that everyone came up with during class today. 


We first picked fabrics we were drawn to, arranged, re-arranged, cut, re-arranged again, pinned our designes into place, and finally started weaving away at stitching everything down.

The strong white 100% cotton button thread worked wonderfully to achieve the traditonal Boro Boro aesthetic.

We all found ourselves lost in thow flow of making. I noticed people's busy hands stitching away as they drifted fluidly in and out of a meditative quite state and a talkative laughter as the hours flew by.

The experience of busy hands in a group of people all working intently on their projects is so rewarding.

- Ellie

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