Re-Cap of INTRO TO BAG MAKING: Waxed Canvas Cycling Musette

Yesterday I got to teach one of my favorite classes - how to make a waxed canvas cycling musette. This class is a favorite of mine because it combines things I love:

  • Teaching machine basics--like really getting into how a sewing machine functions and how to set it up properly to sew your little hearts out!
  • Cycling is such a way of life for me, and this class draws people that share a passion for freewheeling two wheels!
  • High quality materials such as waxed canvas and metal snaps make the finished product that everyone constructs so beautiful! This in turn makes students fall in love with their ability to construct amazing functional things that they can use in their everyday life - a major reason I teach people how to sew.
  • I am in my element when I'm teaching bag making, which is my master craft. That's with 17 years (& counting) of professional bag making experience.

Everyone was so engaged in the project, that time literally flew by!

We measured, cut, marked, folded, stiched, set-in, added, subtracted, punched, snapped, designed, modified, turned-inside-out, and gloated over our finished products!

Waxed canvas is a great material to work with for the beginner stitcher, it has great memory (shows fold marks for easy making), it is durable, yet not too heavy-weight, and it is just stretchy enough to allow for fixing mis-matched seams easily.

Thanks to Brian, Sar, Ivan, and Laura who came out to class & spent the afternoon making beautiful things together!

- Ellie

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