Flashback: Oct 14th 2011 // Our Pop-Up Box Truck Gallery Presents Dustin Klein

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Oct 14 2011 // Valencia St // SF

Klum (Klein + Lum) House is the artistic collaboration of both Dustin & I, Ellie.  We have done many collaborative projects throught the years.  One of the most memorable is The Box Truck Pop-Up Gallery we did back in 2011 on Valencia St. 


Back when we lived out at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Dustin & I decided to turn the Cadence truck into a pop-up art gallery to show Dustin's newest works. For one night only we tricked out the box truck into a mobile art gallery and parked it on Valencia St. I was the "curator & artist representative" , which basically means, I started most of my sentences with "The artist likes to ...." Or "The artist is capturing..."

Inside the   Box truck Gallery   

Inside the  Box truck Gallery 

Celebrating a successful pop-up art show

Celebrating a successful pop-up art show

- Ellie Lum

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