First Klumhouse Project: Triangle Duvet Cover

When we first got the idea about Klum House, I was making this patchwork quilted duvet out of Dustin's worn button-down shirtst that I have saved from over the years. I remember when we moved away from our house out at Ocean Beach in SF, Dustin was purging a lot of clothing, and there was a big pile of his old button-down shirts in the free-pile. I remembere looking through them, and thinking, damn, I have to save these and make something from them, these fabrics are so cool and soft! 

Three years later, I settled on this triangle patchwork duvet. The button-down shirts are framed by scrap linen that is cast-off's from my apprentice, Mari's silkscreen shop. The back of the duvet is two lightweight linen indigo-dyed table cloths from the Crate & Barrel Outlet store. The opening of the duvet, where the feather comforter is inserted, is the buttons from the front of the shirts.

After I finished the duvet cover, I asked Dustin to write me a Klum House label to hand-stitch onto the duvet. The table cloths that I used for the back of the duvet came wrapped in this white ribbon, so I had Dustin write Klum House in three different styles on the ribbon, and then chose one as the label.

-  Ellie Lum

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