Klum House has moved to Portland, OR!

New Klum House in Portland, OR

We are so excited to announce that Klum House headquarters is now in Portland, OR! We are located in the University Park neighborhood, right outside of St. John's in North Portland. Stay tuned for more updates of the house as we work on it and make it our own.

Here are some before photos just so you all can see what we're starting with.

Red walls
Before Backyard Klum House
Dustin Painting Kitchen

We are already really busy making the new house our own starting with some interior painting. 

Other than wanting to change the look of the house, we also have a long list of things to fix to get everything functioning well.

Long list of things to do

We arrived in Portland Friday, April 3rd at night to discover that the gas was turned off at the house. Yup, we forgot to call the gas company to have them turn it on. Rookies. Thankfully, the electricity was on. Our next door neighbor, Bob, somehow knew our gas was off, so he lent us 2 space heaters for the night. We spent the first night camping out on our living room floor, while our friend Thea, who drove Dustin's truck up, camped out in one of the bedrooms. We woke up bright and early to unload the Uhaul--luckily in dry weather. The skies were gray, but we were thankful for no rain. Needless to say we were tired, but we motored on. Bob, the handy neighbor lent us a life-saving hand truck for unloading. Dustin was  a pro at stacking it high and rolling it down the Uhaul ramp at high speeds--His skateboarding background was very apparent. 

We have been in the house for about 10 days now, and we have dreamed up a million projects to do on the house. Of course, we need to prioritize and also plan, so we are painting some of our walls with chalkboard paint so we can make lists and brainstorm design ideas. Stay tuned for more updates as we transform the new Klum House!


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