New INTRO TO BAG MAKING: Waxed Canvas Cycling Musette Class

I am excited to announce a new class INTRO TO BAG MAKING: Waxed Canvas Cycling Musette. I have been making bags for the better part of my life, as the founder of RE Load Bags back in 1998. Throughout the years of running a fully in-house production sewing shop focused on bag making I have taught many people how to sew bags. Even though many of the people who have worked at RE Load making bags came to us with a myriad of talents and a familiarity with sewing, very few, if any had experience making custom bags in a production sewing setting. This is because, as all of you know, most objects these days are not made in the USA, so by default, industrial sewing is not a skill-trade that is abundant. Lucky for me, I was able to explore my inner teacher, and really fell in love with the process of teaching skill-building. I started teaching sewing about 5 years ago & recently started my own sewing workshop school, Klum House Workshop, where you can take this here new class of mine. 

In this Intro To Bag Making class you will learn the ins & outs of beginning bag making. In this class I will show you industrial sewing techniques for the home sewer. You don't have to own an industrial sewing machine to make your own cycling gear that lasts. Join us for the first class on Sat. Sept 12th from 1-4. This class will not only cover machine basics, but you will also complete a waxed canvas cycling musette that you made with your own two hands from start-to-finish.

Ellie LumComment