Re-Cap of INTRO TO BLOCK PRINTING & BAG MAKING: Print & Sew a Custom Tote Bag Class

The "rainbow roll"

Intro to Block Printing & Bag Making: Print & Sew a Custom Tote was such a success this past weekend. We carved, mixed, rolled, stamped, cut, measured, ironed, sewed, laughed, ate, shared stories-- and all in one inspiring day! Thanks again to all who came out & to Thea Gahr for sharing her printmaking expertise! 

We all printed 2 pieces of linen for the pockets on our tote bags.

Cynthia & Laurel deep in the zone of carving.

Thea, our print making teacher, in the flow with us.

Lauging & making things go hand-in-hand.

Bob whips up a custom tote bag for a friend's birthday present. Lucky friend!

The lovely Laurel carefully pins the top rim of her beautiful tote bag.

Ellie LumComment