What We've Been Making In The Klum House Workshop

libby Printing 3.jpg

One of the best things about having a DIY workshop space is just that-- having a dedicated flexible space to make stuff in with your friends. Not only have I been able to teach classes in this space, I have also been able to host sewing days with my friends, and help other friends make their creative projects. The Klum House Workshop is the perfect recipe for a making space: Good lighting, large tables to spread your projects out on, many places to plug things into, good stereo, sewing machines, 2 irons, and inspirational things surround the space.

Portland Museum of Modern Art Tote Bag Making

This past week Ellie spent the day screen printing 100 tote bags with Libby from PMOMA (Portland Museum of Modern Art). Libby is getting ready to go to the NYABF (New York Art Book Fair) with these bad boys!

PMOMA Smoker Silkscreen

This "Smoker" piece by Rainen Knecht turned out really good!

Libby from PMOMA Silkscreen
Mo Money Mo Problems PMOMA Tote Bag
PMOMA Smoker Tote Bag by Rainen

Building community one project at a time!

- Ellie

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