Gain Clarity + Focus with our Favorite Productivity Tools for 2017

The beginning of the new year is aways a great opportunity to pause and reflect, to feel gratitude for the past year and get clear about your intentions for the year to come. Here at Klum House, we've taken some time out to do just that. 2016 was a year of so much growth, personally and professionally, with lots of great new workshops, the launch of our DIY maker kits, and the launch of Brave Your Own Business, our creative business workshop series, which has been more exciting and inspiring than we ever could have imagined. We are so thankful to all those who have been part of our community over the past year and look forward to so many great things ahead!

The 2017 Volt Planner

In preparing for the coming year, we have spent some time really thinking about our mission and values at Klum House—the driving force behind everything we do. More than ever, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to build tangible skills, make things themselves, overcome creative fears or doubts, and better understand the true value of handcrafted goods. 

In order to make any vision a reality, it's so important to set and prioritize specific goals, get organized, and cut through distractions. To those ends, we've discovered a whole bunch of amazing toolsworkbooks, and planners to help keep us on track. Below you will find a list of our favorite planning and productivity tools to support you in staying focused and accomplishing your goals, whether that's means starting a creative business, a meditation or exercise practice, or simply balancing the chaos of everyday life. 

The 2017 Volt Planner

We are pretty much obsessed with this planner by Ink & Volt. It offers so much more than your average yearly planner, with layouts that help you set yearly, monthly, and weekly goals and a flexible system to help you take steps toward achieving them. There are weekly journal prompts to get your inspiration flowing and plenty of blank space, so you can make the planner uniquely yours. No matter what your goals are for the coming year, this sleek planner will help you get there.

The Productivity Planner

The Productivity Planner, created by a brand called Intelligent Change, is an essential supplement to your main 2017 planner. This one is all about helping you focus and cut through the busywork and distractions to get. things. done. It provides space for you to rank your most important tasks of the day, tracking how much time each one takes to complete so you can get better at managing your time in the future. Day by day, this planner will help you get to know your best productivity patterns, so you can start checking those tasks off your list and be your most effective self.

Unravel Your Year 2017

Susannah Conway's Unravel Your Year 2017 workbook is a free digital download that you can print at home. It's a planner of sorts, but it's meant to be more of a yearly ritual, to reflect on the year that's passing and tune into the year that's coming. Through a list of thought-provoking questions and writing prompts, this workbook invites you to reflect on what you learned, changed, embraced, discovered, and let go of over the past year. It then invites you to set intentions for the year ahead, identifying areas of your life you'd like to nurture or develop, where you're feeling apprehension, where you will place your attention. It's a wonderful way to take stock of your mind, body, and soul as your welcome a new chapter in your life.

Your Best Year 2017

Available in paperback copy or digital download, Your Best Year 2017 by Lisa Jacobs is a workbook specifically geared for creative entrepreneurs. It's helps you take a discerning look at your life and business, decide what to keep and what needs to go. This workbook includes prompts, goal-setting and prioritizing exercises, risk assessment, trackers to review your productivity, and a place to capture your little victories each month. It helps you keep track of the memorable moments, so you can look back on them in days to come. With a mix of instruction and application, this workbooks will help you set intentions for your creative business and improve your work habits, so you can take your business to the next level in 2017.

EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner

Whether you have an existing blog, an old blog that you've been neglecting, or plans to begin blogging in 2017, this editorial planner by Regina Anaejioni is for you. It helps you create a purposeful and profitable content plan, along with a mini blog business plan, so you can get clear about how your blog relates to and supports your business, or could become a profitable business in and of itself. With monthly theme and content planning, this planner lets you  set important goals and tasks at the beginning of each month, and track your progress. It will be your best friend as you endeavor to create compelling content, make a consistent posting schedule, and grow your readership.

The Dream Job Business Planner

The Dream Job Business Planner is just as it sounds—a one-stop-shop for helping you realize your business hopes and dreams. A digital file that you purchase and print at home (we recommend having it spiral bound or kept in a binder), this planner helps you organize your day-to-day tasks, as well as big-picture goals. There are daily and weekly calendars, worksheets on expense and income, space to plan marketing campaigns, and break down large-scale goals into manageable, bite-size steps.