Re-Cap of The Hardin House + Klum House Presents: A Maker's Apron Workshop

Maker's Apron Sewing Workshop at Klum House, Portland, OR

On Sunday, February 28th, The Hardin House + Klum House joined forces to present a Maker's Apron Workshop!

We cut, pressed, sewed, drank coffee, munched snacks,  and took in the beautiful and wonderful smell of Bramble Floral bouquets that graced the workshop. Richard and Winston kept us company as Annika Bielig Bussmann captured all the moments behind her lens.

Maker's Apron Workshop Klum House

The Maker’s Apron is the perfect utilitarian item to complete you’re working wardrobe whether you spend your day painting, building, sewing, arranging flowers, cooking, setting up events, gardening, tattooing —or you’re just someone who needs to keep their tools close and their clothing protected without compromising style. Apron features rugged duck canvas and fused denim complete with leather details and brass hardware. Cross back straps hug you while wearing, making the apron feel secure. Designed by Ellie Lum, an lady who spends her everyday making— you better believe she knows what is necessary for a solid apron design.


Maker's Apron Workshop at Klum House Portland, OR

The Hardin House is an event design and styling team run by our friends Holly & Richard Hardin. With a tagline that reads: The Hardin House exists to inspire creative living, it is only natural that we came together to collaborate on a workshop (Read the backstory below).

This workshop came together out of love and serendipity. Richard originally contacted Ellie to design & make an apron for Holly as a surprise gift. He mentioned that she is always saying she needs an apron while setting up the well-executed events that they are so well known for. Richard & Ellie went back and forth about apron design, honing in on what would be best for Holly, while giving Ellie creative freedom. A little while later, Holly contacted Ellie with a plan to take Richard on a surprise trip out to Portland, and she proposed collaborating on a workshop. Ellie, caught in the middle, knowing about Richards surprise for Holly & Holly’s surprise for Richard, but not wanting to spill the beans, proposed the idea of the workshop being a Maker’s Apron, whereas then Holly would unknowingly co-design her surprise apron with Ellie! Well, eventually everyone put two + two together and the workshop collaboration was born.

The Maker's Apron Workshop will be offered again on Saturday, April 9th from 12-5:30pm. Sign up here!

Photo courtesy of Annika Bielig Bussmann