Teaching the Value of Handcrafted


I believe that the more people who really understand making things as a lived experience, the more our culture and society values handmade. The more folks actually know how much goes into make the clothes we wear and the accessories we use, the less wasteful we are, and the more precious our everyday things become.

After almost 20 years of selling handcrafted goods, I have experienced the struggle that makers go through to sell their goods at the value that they are actually worth. I teach people how to make things with their own two hands, because when people make something themselves, not only do they understand the value of the good that they produced through their lived experience and their bodies, but they also develop a newfound appreciation for the goods made by other artisans.

For me, learning how to make things is like developing a new set of intelligences. It leads to being more conscious consumers that value human energy and creativity even more.

- Ellie Lum, Skill-Building Teacher & Professional Maker

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