Re-Cap: Cyanotype Workshop

Photo essay of Intro To Cyanotype Workshop held over the weekend of August 20th + 21st 2016 led by Ellen Julia Brown and Ellie Lum. Over the course of the weekend, students learned the cyanotype process from start to finish—beginning with how to mix their own chemicals, coat their fabric with emulsion, and create a variety of prints by exposing to the sunlight. Students left with a series of original cyanotype prints on paper and fabric, including two tea towels, and the skills necessary to continue exploring the medium on their own.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the Cyanotype workshop taught by local artist and maker Ellen Julia Brown. The sun was shinning and the temperature was in the low-mid 80's.

We spent the first day of the workshop in the make-shift darkroom we set up in the downstairs Klum House workshop. We learned about the history of Cyanotype and Ellen's process. We coated our fabric and watercolor paper with the photo sensitive chemicals and hung them up to dry overnight. We went home with lots of ideas of what we would bring with us the next day to sun print with. One student said, "I kept waking up in the middle of the night with ideas of what I should bring for Cyanotype printing the next day." 

In the beginning of the workshop on day two, everyone went around and showed what they had brought to print with. We had everything from feathers to old film negatives to plastic doillies to cork letters. I was inspired by the creative possibilities and amazed at the results of our afternoon of sun-play. Here are some images by photographer David Sosnow. Enjoy.

Interested in Taking a Cyanotype Workshop?

Ellen & I plan to offer this class again next summer!  If you are interested in attending, please email me: If you are interested in learning more about Cyanotype and seeing examples of it's application, please check out workshop teacher Ellen Julia Brown's work.