Re-Cap: The Driving Force - Values/Vision + Mission/Goals BYOB Workshop

Driving Force was a huge success due in no small part to the sun for all of it's warmth and energy, but to the enormous inspiration, focus and vulnerability exercised by an amazing group of people. We spent the weekend digging deep to connect our passions to something bigger than ourselves. As facilitators of the event, we feel humbled by everyone's work. 

On Day 1 we asked you to write a set of core values for yourself and for your business. These core values were explored through writing exercises, and the physical act of spreading out notecards so you could organize them into main categories.

Here's Eden, working those value card categories:

We then asked you all to make a vision board that captures the feelings you would like to have while running your business. This exercise was given to make sure folks manifested correctly, you can't make it happen if it doesn't resonate with your core desires and way you want to feel. People went in lots of different directions with the prompts of "How do you want to feel?" as well as "What do you want your business to look like?"

Here is Jessica's (Jessica Necor Studio) vision board:

By the end of day 1, after writing out our values, vision statement, and having created beautiful works of inspirational business art, we were all pretty wiped out. It was a lot of deep diving, writing and creating. How often do we devote an entire day to personal growth, let alone an entire weekend? Luckily for us there was a hammock  in the "Meditation Corner" for chilling out and taking some space. Loving the Klum House yard right here..

Lauren, of Bosque Design doing some quiet focused work:

Speaking of special corners, don't forget about our "Water Cooler" zone to chat one on one with us and get some focused feedback.

Here is Ellie and Stephanie hashing it out:

The following morning we started with a mission statement exercise that got us working together collaboratively to create a new mission statement for R.E. Load, Ellie's messenger bag company she runs with Roland Burns. Honestly, that part took a bit longer than we were expecting, but it was still a good exercise and helped us sharpen our writing chops for the harder work of writing your OWN mission statement. A different beast altogether. It's always more challenging trying to describe your own business vs. describing someone else's. 

Here's a shot of one of our writing prompt exercises during Day 2:

Values and vision lead to mission. It all informs yourself, and your customer who you are and what you're doing. These elements are the REASON you're building this business. It's not necessary to post your mission statement up on your website or on your wall, but it can help when you need to make an "About Us" page on your site, or when you're cornered by an interested relative wanting to support your business. With a solid understanding of what and why you're doing this, it's easier to make goals. We explored S.M.A.R.T. goals at the end of day 2 in order to help you all create tangible feasible goals for your business.  

Group shot of us cool people hanging out at Klum House

Thank you to all who came out and did the work, and to Eden for the sunflowers. It was wonderful to have the visual reminder that we are all planting creative seeds right now. Let's tend to them so they grow up strong!

Here's the complete slideshow of the whole weekend captured beautifully by Ali Gradischer

Instagram: a_gradischer


XOXO from the BYOB crew,

Ellie + Heather + Ellen

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