Spring Studio Spruce-Up


It's hard to believe that it's already been four months since Klum House Workshop moved into its new commercial space! Because we're makers at heart, we're continually looking for ways to make it an even more fun and functional place to work. The space itself is an ongoing labor of love, evolving to better fit the needs of our students and make sure that everyone who walks through our door is greeted with a big dose of art and inspiration. We recently had three new projects completed in the studio, showing off the artistry and handiwork of some super-talented friends. 

The first is a hand-painted mural by in-house designer Dustin Klein. Dustin painted the new mural against the back wall of the studio, creating an awesome backdrop to our industrial sewing studio and echoing the flourishes painted on our front windows. We're lucky to have several original art pieces by Dustin in the studio. 

Mural by Dustin Klein

The second new addition is a gorgeous piece by Justine Fernandez who covered our chalkboard wall with a hand-lettered message and explosion of pretty, leafy flourishes. Sometimes when you're three-quarters of the way through a sewing project, starting to lose steam, you need to look up and remember to 'make it happen'! That and 'I Believe in You' are a couple of our favorite studio mottos. It's always uplifting to look up and see those inspiring reminders in the space. 

Hand-lettering by Justine Fernandez

Finally, we are very excited to have a new retail display, thanks to our talented friend Sami Lee Woolhiser! Sami is a local fabricator, who made all of our studio shop dreams come true with this modular design. Now we have a place to properly show off finished products from the Klum House Collection, as well as workshop samples and the work of other in-house makers.    

Retail display by Sami Lee Woolhiser

There's a perfect opportunity to stop by and check out all of these new developments in the studio coming up on Wednesday, June 14. We're having a free Meet Up + Open House that night from 6-9pm! And while you're here, you can choose to make a custom leather key holder at our Leather Working Drop-In!

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