So, you want to be a stitcher? Watch These Tutorials First.

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When you begin to create sewn works of art, and yes, everything you make is a work of art, the basics may be a daunting task. The sewing machine is an intimidating tool, but once you take the jump and start to learn by way of tutorials, you are on your way to becoming the stitcher you want to be.

1. Gretchen Hirsch’s Learn How To Sew, Easy Sew Class for Beginners! is a great place to learn the basics. Hirsch gives a thorough run-down of your most important tool, the sewing machine. When you understand the most important tool you’ll be using, it becomes a lot easier to get the foundations of sewing.

2. Our Intro To Sewing: Leather + Canvas Tote Bag And Machine 101 on SkillShare allows you to create our beautiful, beginner-friendly Oberlin tote from start to finish, while also gaining mad insights into the home sewing machine. The Oberlin’s pattern comes with 40 illustrated instructions, making it even easier to follow along.

Want to make learning even cooler?! Sign up for Skillshare through January 31, and you’ll get 3 months of all the video tutorials you could ever imagine… For only $0.99? We know, it’s AMAZING.

3. Zippers can be intimidating, but learning how to manage them in your project is a fundamental skill as a beginning sewist. Former Klum House educator and pattern expert Katie Whittle’s How To Make A Cute Dopp Kit For Your Overnight Essentials teaches zippers with an end result of an amazing toiletry bag.

4. The Portsmith tote is a stand-out bag designed for any stitcher. This design’s envelope fold immediately catches your eye. Using this boxed corner technique will allow for you to easily sew a tote with structure and a durable base. We also have a tutorial for how to attach leather tote straps that can be found here. While this tutorial is an extension to the beginner-friendly Portsmith pattern, you can also apply it to intermediate and advanced projects. Learning to combine multiple textiles with eye-catching hardware instantly adds a professional finish to your work.

5. We love tips and tricks to sewing that make your life easier and Nadira’s 17 DIY &  Sewing Hacks +Tips does exactly that. Nadira gives some fun and playful ways to approach unwanted sewing tasks. Our favorite, which we practice in Klum House, is to use large washers from your local hardware store to weigh down patterns.

Now that you have seen some of our favorite beginner sewing tutorials, check out our maker kits and patterns to get started on a tangible project that can be made in a day. 


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