5 Things You Only Hear at Klum House

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As she's developed lesson plans and classes, Klum House founder and head educator Ellie Lum has noticed that some phrases are easier to understand than traditional sewing terms, especially if you've never touched a sewing machine in your life!

"A lot of times sewing instructions are confusing and assume you know how to sew to a certain degree," Ellie said. "Since we focus on education, our instructions are made to teach you how to sew, not just to construct something."

Scroll down to see some of the Klum-Houseisms you'll find in a pattern or class! 

1. Fold-To Line

A line that the raw edge of the fabric folds to meet. Most patterns will have a fold-on line, but we've found that it’s easier to make a fold-to line, because the line doesn't disappear through the fold. Instead, people can fold to the line that they see. 

Here, you would fold the raw edge 3/4" to reach the 1 1/2" fold-to line.

Here, you would fold the raw edge 3/4" to reach the 1 1/2" fold-to line.

2. Correct way to load a Top-Loading Bobbin
The "P"

If you always forget how to thread your bobbin (and you use a sewing machine that has a top-loading bobbin), this one's for you. Hold the bobbin in the shape of a P, with the thread coming over the top & down the left side of the bobbin. Place the bobbin in the machine, then pass the thread through the tensioner, by pulling up & to the left of where the thread comes out. Pull your thread tail out and to the back left side of the machine, secure your bobbin cover door and you're set to go. 

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3. Waxed Canvas

Our favorite material for beginner bag sewing! Touted as the original water-proof fabric, waxed canvas fibers are saturated with a natural parrafin or beeswax-based wax. One of the allures of waxed canvas is it's ability to show wear & the story of use. With more use, more creases appear in the canvas, and all the marks start to blend together.

Our  Maker Kit  waxed canvas offerings.

Our Maker Kit waxed canvas offerings.

4. Finger Press

This isn't a KH original, but it's useful to remember when working with waxed canvas to save you time and energy! While you may need to iron hem creases into less pliable fabrics, for waxed canvas, you can simply use the pressure of the finger or fingernail to create a fold in the fabric. Furthermore, we suggest not ironing creases into your waxed canvas, because it can leave a residue on your iron that is hard to get off!

5. Sew Like a Boss

Klum House Workshop 2.jpg

This one's more of an intention than an instruction, but it's BIG. We want you to learn how to feel competent and in control of your sewing projects, so you leave a workshop or finish a maker kit with confidence, instead of getting frustrated and giving up. So, if you have any questions, drop us a line via email, Instagram or Facebook and we'll help you figure it out!