Art & Resistance


Through resistance art, our thoughts, feelings, words, and images are called to act in unison, often distilling large, complex issues into succinct visual symbols. Along with learning the technical skills of block printing—carving, tools, inking, application—our Art + Resistance workshops will also delve into considerations of design and visual communication, making sure that your message is clear and concise, so you can use your voice to its fullest potential.  

Through our upcoming Art & Resistance Workshops, we will look back at some powerful resistance artists and movements throughout history, inspired especially by printmaker Sister Corita Kent, a nun, activist, radical artist, and all around badass, who started a silk screen production studio that became a huge hub for protest posters in the 1960s. Kent was inspired by the Pop-Art movement, which drew imagery from marketing and advertising. She understood that in order for her messages to gain momentum, they needed to have mass appeal. In effect, she branded a social movement, creating imagery that felt relevant, contemporary, and accessible. Our job today is the same, and there is so much to learn from those who have paved the way.

If we want to be engaged activists for the long haul, it’s crucial that we take breaks from our newsfeeds and the whirlwind of concerns in our heads. We need to tune back into our deeper selves, be with community, and ground ourselves in the flow of making things with our hands. This workshop will be a safe space for healing, sharing, gathering strength, and incubating ideas. Through providing this opportunity to our community, we are doing what we can with what we have: a creative space, lots of tools, and experienced teaching artists. We will work, learn, and make together, in solidarity with people all over the globe who are building social movements through art.

All of the profits from this workshop will go to fund art grants for Justseeds, a printmaking cooperative committed to social, environmental, and political activism. For every $150 collected, we will commission one artist to create a resistance poster that will later be made available to the public for downloading and printing. Our goal is to fund 5-10 artworks with these grants, prioritizing artists who identify as women and people of color.   

Finally, to celebrate our printing skills and donations, we will invite you all back for a screen printing party at ADX this summer! We’ll reunite to mass-print the artworks we commissioned from Justseeds on posters, tote bags, t-shirts, etc. Sister Corita Kent would be proud!


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