How to Install a Chicago Screw (For the Fremont Tote)


Step 1

Measure from the top of the side seam, 2” down and mark.


Step 2

Align the bottom of the leather tab with this mark and either the right or left side of the strap with the side seam. This will off -set the hole to either the right or left side, in order to avoid setting the hardware through a seam.



Step 3

Use the pre-punched hole in the leather tab as a template and mark through it onto the exterior fabric. This is your Chicago Screw placement mark. Repeat for the other side. 


Step 4

Align the side seams of the exterior and lining (to avoid punching a holethrough the lining side seam). Use a leather punch or a drive punch (3/16”) to create a hole through all layers of fabric at the Chicago Screw placement mark.



Step 5

Take the female side of the Chicago Screw and insert it into one of the holes in the leather tab from the right side of the leather.

Step 6

Coming from the outside of the tote, insert the female side of the Chicago Screw through the exterior and lining.Next, thread the metal ring through the tab. .



Step 7

Thread the second hole in the leather tab through the female side of the Chicago Screw on the inside of the tote.


Step 8

Insert the male side of the Chicago Screw into the female side of the screw from the lining side.

Step 9

Tighten using a flat head screwdriver and the optional Malan Chicago Screw tool. Repeat for other side. 



Finished! You have successfully installed a Chicago Screw!