Our Favorite Sewing Tools!

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We use this tool to punch holes into leather and waxed canvas for rivet installation. The hole sizes are adjustable and the tool ranges from $20 - $75 at leather and home improvement stores.

“They are going to change your sewing life, I kid you not,” says Ellie. We use these pins on waxed canvas and anything else we sew with. They are flexible, sharp, and stay sharp. They are pricey, but worth the investment because they won’t damage your fabric.

If you don’t have one, get one now. These puppies help create perfectly straight topstitching and edgestitching.

These chalk markers don’t drag when marking, never need to be sharpened, and their markings are always precise and easy to remove.

These high-quality metal scissors are perfect for making quick snips at the industrial sewing machine.

This machine is a great bang for the buck for sewing heavy-weight fabrics such as waxed canvas. It can handle up to 4oz of leather, also! Retails starting at $135.

The best chalk pencils on the market for marking waxed canvas, canvas, and most other fabrics.

These craft clips are a great alternative to straight pins. Amazing for holding together thick layers of fabric that pins won't go through.

Come put these tools to work and try them yourself at our intro sewing classes. 

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Some content in this blog post was originally featured on Seamwork Magazine