The Klum House Experience: Supplies, Tools and Great Teaching


We don't just help you make great bags. From start to finish, Klum House has designed every workshop to maximize the time spent creating, lessons learned, and amazing end results. Here's what sets us apart from traditional sewing classes. 

Everything's included.... And we mean EVERYTHING. 

All of our bag workshops include ALL materials, from fabric to finishing hardware and leather. You don't need a single thing, because we've done the legwork to provide you with easy-to-use materials that take DIY to the next level. 

Not only do we provide the materials, we cut, mark and prep them specific to your project. While garment classes are slightly different (we can't fit you over the world wide web!), you still get great help learning how to fit a pattern and prep the fabric yourself! 

Just tell us your preferred colors (or let us pick) and we'll do the rest! 

Tool prep and organization means you can arrive, sew and leave with an amazing finished project. 

Klum House founder & head educator Ellie Lum will openly confess she's an organization fiend and it SHOWS.  Tools are organized & sewing machines (Singer Heavy Duty) are carefully selected, so they're super easy to use.

Ellie has spent over 20 years making learning easy and fun. 

After training employees on industrial sewing in her business RE Load Bags, Ellie decided to pursue a degree in Integrative Ecoliteracy from UC Berkeley, in 2013. Her studies involved exploring ways to use art and sustainability in adult education. Her research focused on developing educational theories about embodied learning and skill-building in a garden setting. She was particularly interested in researching the emotional and physical impact of working with one’s hands, and how to best learn with your body in a natural setting.

Our teachers craft, sew and design all the time. And it shows. 

You know how the Spice Girls were equally great but in their own different ways? That's the Klum House team. 

Want to discover cyanotype or found photography? Textile designer Ellen Julia Brown will guide you through the magic of capturing light and patterns in the natural world. 

For those in search of an ancient and yet always fresh medium, blockprinter and activist Thea Gahr can open your eyes to carving out your story and art, then putting ink to fabric for a truly steller maker experience. Thea is also a professional industrial stitcher and custom fabricator. She teaches our industrial sewing classes.

Lydia is committed to sharing the beauty of making things with you through our DIY classes and her company Brass Button Events, which provides unique creative events for private & corporate groups. She teaches garment sewing, leather working, concrete planters, and our shibori dyeing classes.

Katie is a professional sewing writer, garment sewing educator with over a decade of experience & pattern-maker based in Portland, OR. She loves making things, eating avocados, and drinking coffee way too late at night.

Did we mention the snacks, bomb music and special guest star Winston? 

You can find us bumping easy-listening Fleetwood Mac or bump-n-grind 90's R&B on the reg. Enjoy some delish kettle corn and seltzer water while you sing-along & make!

We won't leave you hanging after class. 

Our classes are designed to help you build skillls. After completing a Klum House class, we send you a follow up email that includes suggested class to continue building your skills, as well as digital patterns from the projects we made in class -- and a special discount code to use towards your future classes!