Attaching Leather Straps with Rivets - Photo Tutorial


If you've purchased an Oberlin Tote Finishing Kit or a Leather Tote Straps Maker Kit, skip to step 3.


Here's What You'll Need

  • Leather strapping
  • Hammer
  • Two pairs of quick-set metal brads
  • Leather hole punch

Step 1


Select the hole size that matches the circumference of the rivet’s post.


Step 2

Determine rivet placements and bring the leather strapping under the hole punch. Hold the leather in place with your dominant hand.

leather hole punch

Once the hole punch and the leather are aligned, bring both hands to the punch’s handles, and “squeeze until you hear the crunch.”


Repeat this step for the additional rivet placement markings on the leather and fabric.


Step 3

From the right side of the leather strapping, insert the rivet’s post into the punched hole.

Step 4


Align the post with the exterior fabric’s punched hole. Push the post through the outer fabric, through to the wrong side (inside) of your bag.

Step 5

From the inside of the bag, insert the rivet post into the rivet cap.

Step 6

Lay the rivet-bag-strapping sandwich strap down, on a hard surface. Ellie uses a tree stump and mini anvil, for this step.

Permanently set the rivet by hammering the rivet cap in place a few times, with a regular hammer.



A correctly installed rivet will have a slight divot into the leather from the right side!

Ellie LumComment