Maywood Totepack Roundup!


When we re-launched our Maywood Totepack pattern, we reached out to a handful of our favorite makers and asked them to take it for a test drive! Each of them documented their making process in words and photos, recording moments of frustration and triumph, breakthroughs with new tools + hardware, and finally showing off the ways they've been using their finished bags!

We've collected these posts here, so you can soak in some tips and bag making inspiration from these awesome makers. If their stories inspire you to give the Maywood a try yourself, head on over to our site to our shop to get started! 

Sienna Parfitt– @notaprimarycolor

Sienna Maywood

"The Maywood is a really good size for a day bag. I have been able to carry my 15″ laptop, a sketchbook, a small bag of art supplies, and my usual purse things (wallet, lotion, keys, etc.) comfortably and with some room to spare. The front pocket provides additional toting space even with the front strap tucked inside."

Jen Hewett– @jenhewett

Jen Hewett Maywood

"It’s a tote bag AND a backpack (magic), and can hold my laptop, a notebook, four almost-empty tubes of red lipstick, an extra scarf, and lunch leftovers - and still have room to spare."

Allie Jackson– @helloalliej

Allie J Maywood

"Klum House does all the hard work of sourcing all the matching notions. They cut and punch all the leather strapping so you don't to invest in a full hide or any leather tools. The even cut the fabric pieces for you, and wrap it all up in a beautifully packaged kit...Focusing on the skills you are learning without having to second guess your materials is one of those little luxuries in the sewing room!"

Sierra Burrell– @sierraburrell

Sierra Maywood

"One of the things I love about Klum House is how you end up with a bag that looks so professional. So much so that you have to show people in progress photos for them to believe that you made it. I take that as a huge compliment. Can you tell that I enjoy defying people’s expectations?"

Beth Wood– @sewdiyblog

Beth Maywood

"The bag came together fairly quickly. There’s not a lot of sewing to do and I think I may have spent more time hammering in the rivets than actually sewing...A couple notes on tools, as this is not your ordinary sewing experience. When you order the kit, you can also order the rivet setting tool, punch tool and magnetic snap setter. I definitely would not have been able to put together this tote if I didn’t have those tools."

Ready to make your own?!