Sew Along: Oberlin Tote Pattern Expansions


Hi makers!

To further support you along your making path, we’ve created these Sew Along video tutorials in which Ellie demonstrates the process of adding both the zipper closure and lining expansions to the Oberlin Tote. We hope that these videos, in combination with the expansion instructions, will give you more confidence and clarity as you set out to make your Oberlin!

In the first video, Ellie adds the zipper closure expansion to the Oberlin. In the second video, she adds the lining to that same bag. These videos are accurate whether you are adding just one or both expansions to your tote. There is no change to the instructions if you are doing both. In any scenario, you should have completed the main Oberlin Tote instructions all the way through to the Sew Interior Pocket step before beginning the expansions. (Don’t sew the hem down yet!) If making both expansions, the zipper closure comes first. Just pay attention to the sign posts in the instructions—they’ll keep you on track!

Happy making! Don’t forget to share your finished tote with us! #YayOberlin




The Oberlin Zipper Closure Expansion



The Oberlin Lining Expansion



Oberlin Expansions Patterns + Kit