• MODERN DOMESTIC 1408 Northeast Alberta Street Portland, OR, 97211 United States

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner, ages 18 and up

Design and sew a custom tote bag with Ellie Lum in this creative one-day workshop! Customize your tote size, pockets, handles, and construction details and build your bag from start to finish. Ellie will help you make your perfect tote for any occasion: whether you need an everyday bag for all your essentials, a rugged tote for your laptop or school supplies, or a fancy tote for a night out. 

The first part of class will consist of a design lab, where we will discuss design considerations, material choices, shape, size, and pockets — all while designing your own tote. Then we will take a lunch/shopping break, where you will purchase the needed materials to make your tote. Lastly, Ellie will guide you through the process of cutting, and sewing your design into creation. 

Class Fee - $112 + Materials (shop for them during class)