MAKING MONEY CREATIVELY: Discovering & Dispelling Internal Money Blocks

MAKING MONEY CREATIVELY: Discovering & Dispelling Internal Money Blocks

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Attention Makers, Creatives, Artists & Writers!

What’s keeping you from making the money you want?
Emotions, limiting beliefs, and fears are the root causes of “not enough money.”

At this workshop, you will learn powerful techniques to help you overcome your internal money limitations. Quickly and effectively. We'll cover common money blocks that artistic people face. This interactive, hands-on workshop is aimed at heart-centered creatives who want to make more money & are tired of their limiting beliefs &  fears getting in their way. Unlock your greatest potential with these practical techniques to help take your business to the next level - and beyond. 

*This is not your typical bookkeeping workshop! We will focus more on the soft skills of having a creative business & work at the intersection of creativity & money.

Helen McConnell has helped over a thousand people find Purpose, Prosperity & Happiness.

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Meet Helen McConnell


Helen is a Money Coach and a Personal Transformation Specialist. That means she can help you make the really big changes you want to make in your life – quickly and effectively. She specializes in helping people identify and release out-of-date and limiting beliefs and old, negative thought patterns – those are the things that block us from achieving our big dreams.

Now you can learn to Live by Design and consciously create your life. Helen can show you how. It’s not only possible, but the means to do so are literally at your fingertips! She works her magic with individuals and groups – in person, by phone, and by Skype.

Certified EFT/Meridian Tapping Practitioner