Social Sew!

Social Sew!

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It's social sew! Bring an unfinished project or start a new one! Make stuff! Snack! Mingle with makers! Keep snacking!

Social sew is a collaborative crafting circle in our amazing North Portland sewing studio. Although there is no direct instruction as in one of our classes, there is a sharing of knowledge while we work alongside each other. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks or just your project. Stay for an hour or a few. Super excited to sew with you.

What To Bring

- Bring what you think you will need that is unique to your project ie; pattern pieces and instruction or personal sewing machine.

-  Bring your own project, materials, and/or machine

What We Have

- You can totally use our machines and tools if you need them. We just ask that you have prior experience using a sewing machine.

- We have sewing machines, scissors, pencils, chalk, thread and other odds and ends.

- Feel free to send an email if you're wondering about something specific.


$5/hour. Stay for one one or all 3! There will be an option to add hours on in person, if you end up wanting to stay for longer.

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You must be comfortable using a sewing machine if you will be using one of our machines.