SEWING MACHINE 101: Learn How To Use + Trouble-Shoot Your Sewing Machine

SEWING MACHINE 101: Learn How To Use + Trouble-Shoot Your Sewing Machine

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Unlock your creative sewing potential by gaining a thorough understanding of sewing machine functions in this 2-hour illuminating workshop.

Level 1 sewing class: No prior sewing experience required

Experience aha moments as you master trouble-shooting, understand thread tension, learn the in's + out's of your machine & grasp problem solving techniques that will turn on lightbulbs & fill holes in your knowledge base. You will leave empowered with new skills & a thorough understanding of the sewing machine that will open up new doors for you to push your creative limits with sewing.

Skills Learned

- Learn how to operate your sewing machine with confidence
- Learn what all the knobs + buttons mean on your machine
- Gain a thorough understanding of thread tension and it’s vital role in creating optimal sewing projects
- Understand the design & mechanics of the machine to allow yourself the highest possible ability for experimentation & creativity
- Understand skipped stitches
- Understand how & when to use different key presser feet
- Learn about essential sewing tools

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What To Bring

If you have one, please bring your own sewing machine, manual, and any attachments you have for it. If you don't have a sewing machine, no problem, you may use one of ours at no extra cost.