Canvas Maker's Apron

Canvas Maker's Apron


The Maker’s Apron is the perfect utilitarian item to complete you’re working wardrobe whether you spend your days painting, building, making, sewing, arranging flowers, cooking, setting up events, gardening, tattooing, throwing pots on a wheel —or you’re just someone who needs to keep their tools close and their clothing protected without compromising style + function. This apron features rugged duck canvas and fused denim complete with leather details and brass hardware. Cross back straps hug you while wearing, making the apron feel secure. Designed by Ellie Lum, a lady who spends her everyday making— you better believe she knows what is necessary (and flattering) for a solid apron design.


- 12oz Natural duck canvas

- Choose between a denim pocket or a natural canvas pocket

- Five pockets + a leather scissor pocket

- Real leather scissor pocket for durability

- Brass grommets

- Brass rivets for reinforcement

- Cross back straps

- Long strap length that can wrap around in the front and tie

- Reinforcement on fabric where hardware is attached

Make It Or Buy It

Live in Portland and would rather make this apron yourself? Check out our upcoming workshop here.

Pocket Fabric:
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