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  • KLUM HOUSE WORKSHOP 6006 North Oberlin Street Portland, OR, 97203 United States (map)

Day 1: SAT, AUG 20TH, 2-4 PM

Day 2: SUN, AUG 21ST, 2-4 PM

Level 1 Workshop: No previous experience required

Join Ellen Julia Brown and Ellie Lum for a two-day, hands-on workshop to learn the basics of cyanotype printing. Invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842, the cyanotype medium is one of the first photographic printmaking processes, known for its Prussian blue color. Over the course of the weekend, students will learn the cyanotype process from start to finish—beginning with how to mix their own chemicals, coat their fabric with emulsion, and, create a variety of prints by exposing to the sunlight. Students can expect to leave with a series of original cyanotype prints on paper and fabric, including two tea towels, and the skills necessary to continue exploring the medium on your own.

Day 1: On the first day, we will discuss the history of the cyanotype and the basic chemistry involved. Then we will learn to mix light-sensitive emulsion, coat paper and fabric, and hang our pieces to dry in the dark. We will finish with a nature walk to collect plant life for the next day’s printing.

Day 2: During our second session, students will work outside to expose their prints to the sun. With an attitude of playfulness and experimentation, we will print with various objects, plantlife, drawings, cut-outs, and anything else we can think up. Finished prints will be hung to dry, and we will discuss options for further exploration.

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, and clothes they don’t mind getting a little wet or messy.


- Mix and prepare cyanotype chemicals

- Coat paper and fabric with emulsion

- Create prints with various materials

- Tone and manipulate a finished print

Materials Fee: $35

- Cyanotype chemistry and a limited supply of paper, fabric, and printing objects will be provided.

Later Event: September 6