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MAKING MONEY CREATIVELY (11 - 1:30): Dispelling Money Blocks // HOLIDAY MARKETING CRASH COURSE (3 - 6pm): Create a Social Media Strategy!

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Making Money Business Intensive



Making Money Creatively:
Discovering & Dispelling Internal Money Blocks
11 am - 1:30 pm


Lucky You!

Attend our One-Day Making Money Business Intensive and get $10 off. First you'll hear from Helen, then you'll discover important social media skills with Arete Media founder Molly Smithson, just in time for the holiday season. Sign up by selecting the Business Intensive below. 

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Attention Makers, Creatives, Artists & Writers!

What’s keeping you from making the money you want?
Emotions, limiting beliefs, and fears are the root causes of “not enough money.”

At this workshop you will learn powerful techniques to help you overcome your internal money limitations. Quickly and effectively. We'll cover common money blocks that artistic people face. This interactive, hands-on workshop is aimed at heart-centered creatives who want to make more money & are tired of their limiting beliefs &  fears getting in their way. Unlock your greatest potential with these practical techniques to help take your business to the next level - and beyond. 

*This is not your typical bookkeeping workshop! We will focus more on the soft skills of having a creative business & work at the intersection of creativity & money.

Helen McConnell has helped over a thousand people find Purpose, Prosperity & Happiness.

Price includes workshop, handbook, coffee and tea, MP3 recording to keep you moving toward your financial goals, and a discount coupon for a future money event.

Holiday Marketing Crash Course:
Create a Result-Driven Social Media Strategy!

3 - 6 pm

Holiday Marketing Crash Course.jpg

Part 1: Social Media and Marketing Primer
Best practices on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
- How to track your campaign effectiveness
- Key steps for great newsletter marketing

Part 2: Build Your Holiday Marketing Campaign
- Define your holiday goals
- Input content into our campaign template
- Most effective tracking practices. 

Part 3: Creating Content
- Brainstorm top performing content
- Google AdWords brainstorm
- Write and receive feedback on a sample post for your social channels and ads. 

Lucky You!

Attend our One-Day Business Intensive and get $10 off both workshops!. First you'll hear from Helen McConnell on making money creatively. Then get your social media skillz on with Molly! Sign up below.

An excellent holiday season can bring a business to new heights. But when you’re in the middle of running all aspects of your business, it can be difficult to know where to start your marketing.

This Fall, get ahead of the game with this comprehensive planning workshop taught by Molly Smithson, founder of Arete Media

During this 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn about the top social media practices of 2017, build a holiday marketing strategy with actionable steps and gain high-level insight from Molly, a digital marketing expert with half a decade of experience in social media strategy, search engine marketing and content creation. 

This workshop will be broken down to address different levels of social media experience and needs for your business. It’s recommended for e-commerce focused brands or brick-and-mortar locations hoping to drive traffic during the holidays.

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Meet Helen McConnell

Helen is a Money Coach and a Personal Transformation Specialist. That means she can help you make the really big changes you want to make in your life – quickly and effectively. She specializes in helping people identify and release out-of-date and limiting beliefs and old, negative thought patterns – those are the things that block us from achieving our big dreams.

Now you can learn to Live by Design and consciously create your life. Helen can show you how. It’s not only possible, but the means to do so are literally at your fingertips! She works her magic with individuals and groups – in person, by phone, and by Skype.


Meet Molly Smithson

My name is Molly Smithson and I’m a digital marketing expert, writer, ardent dill pickle fan and…. millennial. I had an email at 5, filled with pitfalls like Nigerian princes or unknown insurance settlements. My main entertainment as a kid was the Oregon Trail DVD game, where you could die of dysentery, or worse, have your computer crash. I was on MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube (plus AIM, rest in peace) before high school. 

I went on to study mass communication at UNC Asheville, where I was lucky enough to complete my capstone undergraduate research in a burgeoning new field, social media practices and strategy.