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  • June Key Delta Community Center 5940 North Albina Avenue Portland, OR, 97217 United States (map)

What drives you? Imagine it is 5 years from now, what do you want to be able to say about your life? What future do you want to be able to say you lived into? How do your personal core values inform the vision and values of your business? As artists/makers/entrepreneurs starting businesses that we are passionate about, we often think of our brands as extensions of ourselves. How do we tease our brand out as a separate entity, so it can go out in the world and do the work we want it to do?

In this 1st session you will identify the driving force behind your business, learn how it connects to your personal values, and clarify the vision behind your brand. You will also develop clear language to communicate to your audience, customers and investors what your business does, why it does it, and who it serves.

We will first focus on getting clear about what are your personal core values. Then we will use that insight to develop your values and vision statement for your brand. The clarity gained in this workshop will provide a strong foundation for you to grow your business into a force to be reckoned with. Students will leave this with a working draft of their core values and vision statement for their creative business.

Skills Learned

- Discover your brand core values

- Write a working vision statement

-- Learn how your vision and mission work to guide your business

- Practice talking about your business, be able to describe it's purpose clearly

This is traditionally a two day intensive. You can register for either both classes or a single class. Questions: please call Tonisha at 503.823.5866

Meet Your Presenters

Your presenters are artists and makers who have had over a decade of experience running their own creative businesses. They’ve made mistakes and learned from them, received instruction from mentors to increase their knowledge and skill level, and experienced success and joy through their efforts. Ellie and Heather are excited to share with you what they’ve learned and facilitate helpful exercises in a humorous + informative way. Their goal is to provide you the space and support to create working drafts of these two valuable creeds (vision + mission) that you will go forth and rule the world with.



Class Fee: $30 - $6 = $24

Use code: Klumhouse2017 for $6 off!

Interested in taking both Driving Force workshops for a discounted rate?

Driving Force Class 1 and 2: VISION/VALUES (7/22) + MISSION/GOALS (7/29): $50 - $6 = $44

Use code: Klumhouse2017 for $6 off!