License To Sell - Klum House Patterns

License To Sell - Klum House Patterns


A Klum House License To Sell is a limited commercial license that allows one person to make and sell handmade items using Klum House Sewing Patterns, Instructions & Maker Kits.

*This DOES NOT include the Patterns/Instructions. You must buy them separately.

If you purchase a license and you have a home sewing business, you are entitled to sell bags made using the pattern for profit. The license is good for as many garments and bags as you the purchaser can personally make and does not need to be renewed. Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited.

Purchase of a license DOES NOT entitle the purchaser to sell, copy, or distribute the instructions & patterns themselves. You also have 24 hours after purchase to request a refund if the terms of the license are not to your liking.

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