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Our Community

We're all about building  creative community as makers, artists & teacher.


Hello! Nice to meet you.

We are the folks that call Klum House Workshop our creative home. We teach, create, manufacture, party, and eat lots of snacks! We work together to inspire each other and YOU to create. It's a synergy of craft based businesses functioning alongside creative arts education.

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Ellie Lum, Founder & Head Educator

Hi! I'm Ellie. I’m a maker & a teacher. I started Klum House, because I found teaching to be such fulfilling work. I love encouraging & inspiring people by teaching sewing tips & tricks through fun, hands-on workshops. With clear instructions & 20 years experience, I will teach you how to make wares that look like they came off the shelves at your favorite handcrafted goods shop!

Ellie Teaches: Waxed Canvas Tote Bag Workshops, Industrial Sewing, Intro To Sewing workshops & is a sewing mentor for ISEW Sessions. She also teaches private lessons & does product development consultations specializing in bags & accessories.


Ellen Julia Brown, Right Hand Lady & Maker

Hi, I'm Ellen. I'm an artist, maker, and writer living in Portland, Oregon. I like to think of my textile work as a collaboration with the natural world. I am an aficionado of shadows and tree bark and fallen leaves. In my opinion, paint splatters on the sidewalk can be as beautiful as a Jackson Pollock, crop fields from the window of an airplane as lovely as a Mondrian.

Ellen's studio is located in the mezzanine of Klum House Workshop

Ellen Teaches: Intro To Cyanotype

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Thea Gahr, Teacher

Thea is a bilingual artist & educator intent on connecting people to their highest creative potential through the small and dedicated acts of printmaking &  sewing. She has been an industrial stitcher for 18 years. With a strong commitment to social & environmental justice, she is a member of Justseeds as well as ECPM68, an autonomous school in Mexico City.

Thea Teaches: Block Printing, Industrial Sewing, Intro to Sewing workshops & is a sewing mentor for ISEW Sessions

Katie Whittle Bio Photo.jpg

Katie Whittle, Teacher

Katie is a professional sewing writer, educator & pattern-maker based in Portland, OR. She loves making things, eating avocados, and drinking coffee way too late at night.

Katie Teaches: Intro to Garment Sewing: The Willow Simple Linen Tank

Shannon Buck, Workshop Assistant

Shannon is a Pacific Northwest Printer and Artist. She runs a Portland-based letterpress studio called Loaded Hips Press. She learned letterpress printing from old-school Printers. She love spending time with my family, which includes some rowdy boys, chickens, and a big cat named Charlie.

Shannon Assists: Block printing workshops & class prep

Stronger Together




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