Create handcrafted goods with "I Made This!" bragging rights.


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Our mission is to guide and support you through the often messy process of creating. 



These days, with the Maker Movement in full swing, more and more people are interested in tapping into their creativity, working with their hands, and making things themselves, rather than buying them at the store. There is a renewed social interest in how things are made, where they're made, and under what working conditions. In response, many people are taking production into their own hands, but they need the right tools, instruction, community, and inspiration to get started. 



We’re about the simple act of making itself—  the joy and struggle and triumph that comes from creating something from start to finish with your own two hands.



That's where creative DIY schools come in. DIY workshop spaces, like Klum House, are designed for this very purpose—to help folks build the skills they need to make things themselves and have fun along the way. 

We’re not just about helping you create beautiful finished products—  although those are awesome. It’s also a way to take a break from the computer and get lost in the flow of making through the tactile experience of working with your hands.