Klum House Featured in Seamwork Magazine

The article is a professional profile of Ellie Lum, with a great overview of her personal and professional journey, from founding R.E.Load Bags and studying education theory at UC Berkeley to starting Klum House, a DIY skill-building workshop space in Portland. As Katie Whittle writes, "Ellie specializes in teaching rugged and utilitarian sewing techniques to novice sewers, helping them master the sewing machine as a versatile tool. But, Ellie isn’t just helping others learn new sewing skills, she’s creating a social movement."


Carry On Podcast Feature Episode 5: Life After Manufacturing With Ellie Lum

Ellie had the honor of doing a podcast interview with Jeffrey (@jeffreyseamster). They spoke about life as a maker, the early days of RE Load Bags, and the motivations behind the transition to starting Klum House.


Klum House Featured in Bicycling Magazine

"The world I want to live in is a place where creativity is celebrated and there is real value given to handmade goods." — Ellie Lum, Bicycling Magazine, October 2016


Klum House Cycling Musette Featured in Bicycling Magazine

Klum House Workshop's cycling musette bag, with original design and instructions by Ellie Lum, was featured in Bicycling Magazine! Check out the step-by-step instructions here, and head over to Bicycling Magazine to check out the full post, which also includes a great video tutorial. This classic cycling feed back is often spotted during the Tour De France, but it's great for carrying your snacks around PDX too!