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Private Lessons

Learn skills tailored to your needs when it's convenient for you.

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We'll help make your sewing hopes & dreams come true!

Whether you seek to demystify industrial sewing & get started producing your own goods or dust off that sewing machine sitting in your closet & make a personal project.



"Ellie is such an encouraging teacher and clear as a bell in her instruction. She broke complex information down into understandable bits, and explained the why's as much as the how's."

 — Katelyn MacKenzie



Industrial Sewing & Product Development

Build confidence & get started producing your own goods or samples.

Learn to sew leather & heavy-weight fabrics on industrial machines

Learn hands-on how to handle an industrial sewing machine to meet all your production & sampling needs. 

Get technical construction consultation on product development specializing in bags & accessories

Learn to sample your own product & be ready to work with production houses or contract stitchers or produce in-house.

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$60 /hour if more than 2 hour time blocks booked at a time

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Home Sewing & Personal Project

Dust the machine off & take your skills to the next level.

Learn the in's + out's of a sewing machine & gain confidence

Get personalized help working on your sewing project, whether it's following a pattern or developing your own design.

Gain a thorough understanding of thread tension and it’s vital role in creating optimal sewing projects

Learn how to use essential sewing tools


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I Believe In You!




One-on-one instruction in our collaborative sewing studio, where novice & professional makers build skills & hone their craft.

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Hi! I'm Ellie.

I demystify sewing for newbies through fun & empowering teaching that encourages you to discover your creative potential with sewing.

For the past 20 years I have been teaching custom bag making through my bag company, RE Load Bags. Since RE Load makes all their products in-house, I have trained many people with professional sewing skills to produce handmade goods for the marketplace. I also hold a degree in adult education. Come learn in our collaborative sewing studio, where aspiring professional makers build skills and develop product for their creative businesses.

Learn about Ellie.