Klum House encourages and inspires novice stitchers by teaching invaluable sewing techniques and bag making tricks though fun, hands-on workshops + sewing kits. With clear instructions, and supportive teaching, Ellie Lum, a sewing instructor with 10+ years experience, guides you though the bag making process step-by-step. 

Make beautiful & functional things from start to finish with your own two hands—complete with “I Made This!” bragging rights to your friends.  

If you live in the Portland area or are traveling through, stop by Klum House and take a workshop! Laugh, learn, and connect in the creative, welcoming setting of Klum House. Check out our workshops!

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Our workshop houses a teaching space equipped with 8 home sewing machines and 2 industrial sewing machines, 2 large cutting tables, 2 industrial snap presses, as well as all the supplies & materials you need to make your own gear and bags. Ellie and guest artists offer DIY skill-building classes in textile arts and creative business. Ellie specializes in teaching specializing in teaching rugged & utilitarian sewing techniques and novice sewers how to master the sewing machine as a versatile tool. Book a private industrial sewing or home sewing machine lesson or check out our class calendar!



All of our products are made in limited runs with our own two hands. The reason is two-fold: An item is limited by our access to materials & by our need to stay constantly inspired as artists. Our goal is to not just pump out products like machines in a factory— we could never compete with that, nor would we find any joy in it. We are not machines & Klum House is not a factory. We are humans with the intense desire to create art and make beautiful things. We are people who happen to prioritize making things in our everyday lives. In order to keep our work interesting and relevant, we are constantly shifting what we make. We offer you goods & wares that we make & sell not only because we love using these objects in our everyday lives, but also because we love making & sharing them with you.

- Ellie & Dustin

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At Klum House our home environment is very important to us— it is where we create, cook, connect, make, and relax— among many other things. We think of our environment as living art. Our home is furnished and decorated by things we made ourselves. We may not be masters of all the crafts we practice, but we are not perfectionists, and try our hands at making what we need and desire. We prefer to surround ourselves with things that were made by us or by those we love.

Part of Dustin's process as an artist is having the freedom to write on any surface in his environment. "It is like I am in conversation with it, infusing the surfaces around me with messages", he writes. Klum House is home to all of our art studios: Ellie's RE Load sewing studio, The Klum House Workshop where Ellie teaches classes, Dustin's Cadence design studio, Dustin's tattoo studio, and the wood shop.