Ellie is a rare and refreshing educator. I marvel constantly at her effortless ability to express genuine appreciation for each and every individual she encounters. Her straightforward pragmatism is underpinned by deep kindness. I greatly appreciate not only the gentle affirmations she consistently radiates, but also the fact that she's incredibly well-prepared to tackle everything she commits herself to. She gives herself wholly to everything she does, and her energy and enthusiasm are utterly contagious.

Ellie is not only very intuitive, but is also genuinely concerned with the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical thriving of the people around her. She never fails to check in with each and every student, and tirelessly devotes her time and energy to offering whatever form of support people need. She has encouraged and inspired me to pursue the holistic health she teaches through her own practice of life. The compassion she extends to herself is an open invitation to those around her to do the same. 

Kristian Kim, Food & Justice Storytelling Student

Ellie LumComment