Robin F.

I am so excited! I ordered your Fremont Bag kit from Bluprint, and watched the online class (over and over).
So thankful you are doing that, as the cost associated with coming from Savannah, GA to Oregon to make a purse is not something my husband would understand or go for! 
Ellie, you are such an AWESOME teacher! I love how you explain each step, and give us tips on WHY we are doing whatever it is.  You give us great practical tips. I made the kit up, and I think it’s so cool!
I was feeling so confident with what I’d learned from your wonderful teaching, that I ordered some waxed canvas and leather strapping, rivets, and then using some “tooled leather” upholstery fabric I had already, I made a second bag. I can really DO this!! Yay! Thank you so much for the great online class!

Ellie LumComment