Double Cap Rivets (25 pack)

Double Cap Rivets (25 pack)


Double cap rivets allow you to easily attach leather straps and details to your bag without a sewing machine. All you need is a hammer and a hard surface! Adding hardware to your bag is a simple way to elevate the design and make your work more professional, like something off the shelf of your favorite handcrafted goods store.

*See table in photo for help pairing leather thickness with rivet size*

  • Comes in a pack of 25 (25 caps and 25 stems)

  • Small = 1/4” (Cap Diameter: 7mm, Post Length: 7.3mm)

  • Medium = 5/16” (Cap Diameter: 9mm, Post Length: 8.1mm)

  • Large = 7/16” (Cap Diameter: 9mm, Post Length: 10.2mm)

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