Leather Scrap Grab Bag

Leather Scrap Grab Bag

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This bundle of high-quality scrap leather includes pieces that are leftover from hides after we make the leather components of our kits. These 5–7 oz scraps are great for creating your own leather washers, zipper pulls, tabs for the Woodland Dopp Kit, and more. Grab bags may include some 3/4” or 1” straps of various lengths, as well as die-cut stencil leftovers in different shapes.

  • Two bundle sizes: 1/2 lb or 1.5 lb

  • Leather weight: 5–7 oz

  • An assortment of shapes and sizes

  • Colors available: tan, brown, black

  • Possible uses: leather washers, leather zipper pulls, leather tabs (Woodland Dopp Kit), key holders, small leather wallets

Color and texture may vary slightly due to the organic nature of leather.

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