Juki Industrial Lockstitch DLN-415 Sewing Machine

This is the original industrial garment straight-stitch sewing machine that Dustin Klein used to make all of the Cadence Collection apparel on, back when he was the only one making all the gear. This machines has a Clutch Motor and sews like butter.

This machine is used in Industrial Sewing Machines 101 & other industrial sewing workshops.

Industrial Walking Foot Juki DNU-1541S

This industrial walking foot machine is a production workhorse. It has been used for manufacturing RE Load custom bags on the West Coast for the past seven years. It has a Servo Motor and a table extension built-out to make stitching large bags & projects easier. It's great for sewing thick fabrics, thick leather, and multiple layers.

Check out our workshop offerings for upcoming industrial leather and bag sewing workshops taught on this machine.


Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Home Sewing Machine

This is the main sewing machine we use to teach our group workshops. This machine is a great all around mechanical sewing machine that has an accessible price point ($125-$145 retail). It has a great motor and many features that we recommend to make sewing easy & fun! 

Check our our workshop offerings for upcoming classes taught on this sewing machine.


Rotary Leather Punch

Many of our workshops require hardware and leather details. Our workshop houses three of these rotary punches.


Anvils, Mallets & Hammers

We do a lot of hardware attachment here at Klum House, which means we have hammers & anvils & hard surfaces like this tree stump pictured above to ensure everything you make here is built to last!

Red Industrial Snap Press.jpg

Red Industrial Snap Press

This is one of everyone's favorite tools here at Klum House Workshop. It is used in our leather working classes & our McKenna Waxed Canvas Tote Bag workshop.



Turquoise Industrial Snap Press

We house two industrial presses, the red one & this beautiful vintage turquoise one which has seen lots of manufacturing throughout its life & still goes strong! This press is used in our leather working classes & our McKenna Waxed Canvas Tote Bag workshop.

Klum House Workshop 12.jpg

Thread & Notions

One of the many perks of taking a class at Klum House is that we provide all the thread, material, and notions you need to make your project here!

Apron Workshop (154 of 203).jpg

Rowenta Professional Iron

If you're going to have an iron for sewing, it should be amazing. We stitch a lot of heavy duty canvas, waxed canvas & denim here, so a good pressing iron is essential. Our workshop houses two high quality irons.

Photo 7.png

Rotary Cutter, Anti-slip Rulers & Cutting Mats

We make sure our rotary cutting blades are sharp & ready to go! We also have a variety of large cutting mats & rulers, as well as a 6' x 8' cutting table.

Ellie Cutting Denim.jpg

Scissors For All!

Scissors are by far our favorite tool of choice. We have 15 pairs of fabric scissors of various sizes for all your different cutting needs. We also have left-handed scissors.


Essential Sewing Tools

We like to make sewing as easy as possible & also expose you to new high quality tools! Some of our favorites are pictured above:

  • An edge-stitch presser foot is used in all our bag making classes
  • Clover Chaco Pens are our fabric marker of choice
  • Thread snips
  • Clover Tulip Straight Pins are the best!