Empowering skill-building through enriched experience.

Get Lost In The Flow Of Making



Create your own beautifully designed handcrafted goods. 

With "I Made This!" bragging rights.

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Upcoming Workshops


Whether you’re stitching a leather wallet or block printing a tea towel, we invite you to work with your hands, get lost in the flow of making & leave with a finished product.


It's about building skills  + confidence...

"After completing a Klum House sewing class, I feel a lot more confident. I've always been afraid to touch a sewing machine— Now I feel like I can tackle some projects. I really feel like I have a basic understanding of sewing now." 

— Jayne Liu, Photographer & Crafter




Real Experiences



"Klum House is so warm & welcoming! I'm pretty shy & I was nervous about taking a group class, but it was really fun! Ellie is patient with mistakes or problems & I feel like I learned a little about troubleshooting when working with heavy fabrics. I love that I came home with a finished product. And that her dog Winston hung out with us!"

— Cheryl Farris



"Getting personalized help and feedback was really wonderful. With the small class sizes, I really learned a lot. Ellis is patient and really helps me understand how and why we are doing things certain ways, so it's easier to replicate the bag on my own. Plus it's AWESOME to go home with a finished project."

— Courtney Bailey

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