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Meet Ellie Lum

Founder & Head Educator

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Hi! I'm Ellie.

I’m a maker and a teacher. I started Klum House because I love encouraging and inspiring people by teaching sewing tips & tricks through fun, hands-on workshops. With clear instructions and 20 years experience, I will teach you how to make wares that look like they came off the shelves of your favorite handcrafted goods shop!

Her  Story.

In 1998, Ellie co-founded  R.E. Load Bags, a custom messenger bag company, which set the standard for many other companies that make custom bags. Over the years, she fell in love with teaching industrial sewing through training folks to make bags for R.E. Load. Ellie saw how those skills opened up a trainee’s creative potential and formed a foundation that could be continually built on.

This experience motivated Ellie to pursue a degree in Integrative Ecoliteracy from UC Berkeley, in 2013. Her studies involved exploring ways to use art and sustainability in adult education. Her research focused on developing educational theories about embodied learning and skill-building in a garden setting. She was particularly interested in researching the emotional and physical impact of working with one’s hands, and how to best learn with your body in a natural setting. Her interest in this research was always motivated by the idea of opening Klum House in the future. Ellie wanted there to be a lot of intention behind how she taught. She also wanted to impact her students’ personal development and belief in themselves.

In 2015, Ellie Lum founded Klum House out of a modest home in Portland, Oregon, that encompasses her & her husband's personal art studios. Their house boasts more art studio space than living quarters; a sewing classroom, industrial sewing studio, wood shop, and Dustin’s art studio—plus, a bit of home for themselves and their little wonder dog, Winston.



Teaching Philosophy

"In modern society people aren’t used to interacting with products that aren't in their finished state. I believe we are losing our sense of power to make things happen, because we don’t participate the process of creating things. This contributes to low self-confidence in our ability to make things happen in the world," Ellie explains. "If someone can make something with their hands, in a few hours, they see their ability to change things and make things. It builds self-confidence & efficacy.”

— Ellie Lum, Skill-Building Teacher & Professional Maker

Creative Business Consulting


My Mission

Is to inspire artists, makers, hand-crafters, movers & shakers on their own unique creative business path and empower them with tangible skills & knowledge they can use to manage & grow their business.



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