Leather Strips (For Strap Making)

Leather Strips (For Strap Making)

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Perfect to make leather straps for all Klum House bags!

Our 3/4” leather strips are for makers who want to process their own leather straps! These premium-quality leathers strips are between 85” and 100” long, so you can make tote straps, a backpack strap, or several smaller leather pieces from them. Pair your leather strip(s) with our Leather Straps Tool Kit, and you’ll be a leather strap boss in no time!

*Note: the Maywood Totepack requires a total of 170” of leather, so you will need two of these strips to have enough.

  • Two weight options: 8–10 oz (for Maywood) OR 6–8 oz (for other KH bags)

  • Includes one 3/4” x 85” – 100” leather strip

Leather Weight:
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